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we are committed to total transparency about our products.
Our Company gives a wide scope of significant worth included, protected and solid chicken items, with an assortment of entire chicken, premium cuts and premium boneless meat, with a wide decision of prepared to-cook and completely cooked chicken items. Our Company moreover gives an assortment of business product to poultry ranchers, in style of parent stock, oven, layer stale chick, and poultry feed.

Home Delivery

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Choose fresh meat of your choice every day!
Maintaining the freshness we deliver meat to your doorstep!
While Cooking, Think like a scientist, Organise like an accountant, Plate like an artist and Cook like a grandma!
Enjoy a fresh and natural deliciously cooked meal with your loved ones and share the freshness!

Our Butchery Team

we are committed to total transparency about our products.
We have professional chicken meat cutters who prepares a variety of cuts of chicken meat with a complete skill set that compliments each individual member of the team. They have speed, precision, knowledge, and the ability to work together that will help us excel in the market. They are hard-working and passionate about their job. At Fresh and Natural they use special equipment to slaughter, break, cut, bone and trim chicken meats into cuts that will then be processed and sold. Our butcher is responsible for receiving and storing meat products in accordance with sanitary and health regulations to maintain meat quality. They package and price meat items after cutting, and prepare meat displays. They are very knowledgeable in how to cook each cut of meat for maximum flavor and can give helpful tips to our customers.

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