About Our Firm

we are committed to total transparency about our products.

Our Company gives a wide scope of significant worth included, protected and solid chicken items, with an assortment of entire chicken, premium cuts and premium boneless meat, with a wide decision of prepared to-cook and completely cooked chicken items.

Our Company moreover gives an assortment of business product to poultry ranchers, in style of parent stock, oven, layer stale chick, and poultry feed.


Hygienic and Healthy


Easy to Cook


Farm Fresh Meats


Halal Certified

Our Mission

To process and market high quality meat and meat products at competitive prices using efficient, effective and environmentally friendly systems to the satisfaction of customers and other stakeholders.

Our Vision

To control the competitive advantage of our uniquely connected food system to create the most sought-after meat products for our diverse consumers.

Core Values

1. Customer Service Excellence - We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs and honoring commitments that we have made to them.
2. Teamwork - We communicate openly and work as a unified team to attain common goals.
3. Integrity - We act with honesty, professionalism and integrity, not compromising the truth.
4. Best People - By attracting, employing and developing the best people in the industry, we use our technical expertise to satisfy our customers' needs.
5. Continuous Improvement and Innovation - We continuously improve our performance, our products, and our service.

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